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VastuTruth - Vaastu Consultant - Online - Onsite - USA
VastuTruth - Reliable Vastu Consulting in USA
VastuTruth - Reliable Vastu Consulting in USA

Vastu Case Studies -  Success Stories - VastuTruth Client Testimonials

These are recent examples from a variety of our clients in USA. Client details and location are removed for confidentiality.


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Actual Client Testimonial


I was not sure if a Vastu consultant will be able to guide me online from a different state in USA. Dr. Kumar was able to walk me through all the important Vastu compliance steps and helped me remodel my home. The custom report with diagrams helped greatly to explain the project to contractors. I’ll confidently refer VastuTruth for your expertise and perfection to details. – RP, NJ.



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Residential Case Studies Vastu Happy Family

Residential Vastu Clients in USA, Canada, and rest of North America


# 1 )  Client wants to buy a historic acreage property with house and other structures/barns built in 1720s, in a North Eastern State of USA, where General George Washington and troops had stayed in 1770s. The buildings on this property had been renovated in early 2000 by the previous owner. VastuTruth Consultant reviewed the buildings and provided suggestions to improve the Vastu compliance of the house and surrounding structures for the new owners, with out making major structural changes, and preserving the the value of this heritage property.


# 2 ) Client has chronic back and knee pain and feels miserable every morning, when getting awake from sleep. He consulted several doctors and did all possible medical tests, but could not get long-lasting relief. VastuTruth Consultant visited his home and found that the master bedroom is in the wrong direction and he was sleeping in the wrong position. Consultant suggested remedies including changing the bed's position and the sleeping room. Client made necessary Vastu changes and is leading an active life now.

# 3 ) Client was a middle level manager in a major corporation. He chose a large plot and a house plan in a new development and contacted us to get an opinion on the property. VastuTruth Consultant recommended choosing a different plot and a house plan, which are better suited per Vastu sciences. Client's family has prospered in the new home, has got multiple promotions in career, and achieved financial and social success.


# 4 ) Non-resident (NRI) client living in USA wants to build a 7000+ sq.ft. home in India for relocation.  He has bought a small parcel of land (of approx 3000 sq.ft.) in a very expensive and prestigious location in a northern state. VastuTruth Consultant helped the client to design their dream home over 5 levels with basement, where the bottom 3 levels will be used by the client and top 2 levels will be rented out. The client has engaged one of the top 3 builders in India for this construction.

# 5 ) Client decided to look for a larger house in an upscale locality. Consultant visited 6 houses that the client chose to review and rejected 5 of them. VastuTruth Consultant mentioned that family life would not be harmonious in those houses due to bad Vastu elements. When the client enquired about the sellers, all 5 houses were put on market, due to marital discord in their families. Client chose a new house construction and used our services to select a plot and redesign the house to Vastu specifications.

# 6 ) Client and family were feeling lethargic in their house. They have a swimming pool in the house in the wrong direction, per Vastu concepts. VastuTruth Consultant visited the property and recommended remedial measures. Client made improvements to isolate the negative energies in the house.

# 7 ) Client's house has kitchen built in the wrong direction and the lady of the house complained about ill effects on her health. Since there was minimal scope for architectural changes, VastuTruth Consultant recommended setting up a temporary kitchen for daily use in the appropriate place in the house. Client has improved health now.


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# 8 ) Client was a cancer survivor and had no symptoms of the disease for past several years. The family moved in to a new upscale home and the health of this person has deteriorated. VastuTruth Consultant did a site visit and found that there are major issues with the property layout as well as bedrooms. Suggested remedial measures to fix the Vastu problems, some of which included re-purposing the rooms.



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Business Vastu / Office Vastu / Commercial Vastu / Educational  


# 1 ) Client is the owner/operator of a prestigious event management company in USA. Client has experienced some issues in their current office/warehouse and consulted with VastuTruth for finding a suitable location for relocation. VastuTruth consultant reviewed multiple locations in the city and chose the best available building for the new offices and provided the client with a detailed report on how to re-purpose the entire space for various departments.


# 2 ) Client, the head of a large spiritual congregation owns/occupies a vast acreage in a rural Southern U.S. city. The client consulted VastuTruth to review the property and verify that the land can be utilized for expansion to build new cottages and a spiritual retreat for devotees, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


# 3 ) Client has made a huge investment in building a 50,000+ sq.ft. indoor entertainment center for corporate events and families. Client has not experienced the foot traffic as expected and got VastuTruth help to review the floor plan and recommend modifications or remedies to the business layout.


# 4 ) Client was the Research & Development Director of a start-up company with a niche product and a good market base. The company’s CEO was overruled by fellow executives and the company’s financial situation didn’t show any signs of improvement. VastuTruth Consultant visited the company headquarters and recommended many changes to offices of the CEO and research lab. The CEO did not adhere to recommendations and lost his position soon. The R&D Director was able to guide the buyout of the company and was nicely rewarded. 


# 5 ) Client's business was stagnant for a long time. He runs an IT professional services company from home. VastuTruth Consultant helped to find a Vastu compliant home for him. His business has since flourished, diversifying into other areas of business.

# 6 ) Client purchased the licenses to build out a restaurant franchisee and a banquet hall in an existing building.  The rooms and equipment layout design provided by the franchiser to the client was not Vastu compliant. VastuTruth worked with the franchisee and the company to redesign the restaurant layout, banquet hall, and equipments to the best possible combination available for the building. The client is very successful in his new business.


# 7 ) Client wanted to buy a new property for national offices and spiritual center of a world famous congregation.  The existing buildings in the plot had Vastu defects, some of which were very difficult to fix. The land surrounding the property was partially usable for building meeting halls and dormitories. VastuTruth consultant offered practical advise to fix the defects with existing buildings and provided guidelines for developing the land to build fully Vastu Compliant buildings, for the congregation.


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# 8 ) Client purchased the license to run a healthcare organization and started their new offices in an established office building.  The business was going through various obstacles and the client sought our consultation.  VastuTruth Consultant reviewed the property and found that layout of office rooms was not conducive to get efficient work done. VastuTruth worked with the client to redesign the business layout and office rooms, to the best Vastu compliant design possible for that building. After the changes were implemented, the employees have significantly improved their productivity and the business has improved.


# 9 ) A renowned music school in a large US city, sought the help of VastuTruth to find/build a Vastu compliant building for their new office. VastuTruth Consultant surveyed the plots and reviewed the building plans, and recommended the ideal building for the institution. VastuTruth also helped with design ideas for interiors and classroom layout for maximum Vastu compliance, and make it a better learning environment for the students and teachers.


# 10 ) A technology startup in the Telecom Sector wanted to set up their new offices with a State of the Art demonstration lab and corporate offices together.  The client was on a tight budget, as well. VastuTruth helped the client to narrow down the search from over a dozen properties to 3 final choices  and to the best office building.  Our Consultant made minor and cost effective design changes to augment the Vastu compliance of the entire office area and the client is poised for steady growth and success.





Vastu for New Home Purchase / Vastu Shastra Compliant Design / Custom Vastu Design

# 1 ) Client and wife were having chronic health problems as well as financial issues in their rental home. VastuTruth Consultant reviewed several plans for them with various reputed builders and helped to choose a Vastu compliant house well within their budget, in a nice neighborhood. Their health has improved and the wife has found a new career to suit her personal interests, giving overall happiness to the family.


# 2 ) Client wants to relocate from mid-western USA to a sunny Southern state for retirement life. Client looked at various new housing developments and acreages to build their new home. Since none of the builders had a plan that suits all their needs, they sought the help of VastuTruth in  to make alterations to a custom builder's stock design to meet their requirements and follow Vastu specifications.


# 3 ) Client in a northern state has bought a South facing acreage plot. He wants to build a 2 story home with a walkout basement and strictly adhering to Vastu Shastra specifications. VastuTruth Consultant helped the client with a 4000 + sq.ft  house design, complete with a 3 car garage and full walkout basement. The client is currently working with a custom house builder to construct this home.


# 4 ) Client had bought a piece of West facing land in the Silicon valley. The family sought the help of VastuTruth to design a fully Vastu compliant single storey home to city specifications. Our Principal Consultant made 2 designs that will suit the Vastu Sastra and building code specifications to build their dream home. The client got a local architect to fine tune the chosen design for building permits and other construction formalties.


# 5 )  Non-resident (NRI) client living in USA wants to build a 7000+ sq.ft.  home in India for relocation.  He has bought a small parcel of land (of approx 3000 sq.ft.) in a very expensive and prestigious location in a northern state. VastuTruth Consultant helped the client to design their dream home over 5 levels with basement, where the bottom 3 levels will be used by the client and top 2 levels will be rented out. The client has engaged one of the top 3 builders in India for this construction.


# 6 ) Client did not believe in Vastu, but consulted us for buying a house in a good neighborhood. We did not recommend the houses he chose. Getting tired of the Vastu compliance process, he decided to buy a house that he got at a "bargain price" financially, against our recommendations. The family's health suffered very badly in this house and the client decided to sell his house and buy a new one adhering to Vastu recommendations. VastuTruth helped the client to review designs from multiple builders in various localities and helped the client to choose a design in a great neighborhood. VastuTruth Consultant made design changes to the chosen plan to strictly adhere to Vastu principles.

# 7 ) Client was using the services of another Vastu Consulting firm for building a new house in the Mid-West USA. He was getting confused with the advice that he received for the design work and sought a second opinion with VastuTruth. Our consultant helped him to go over various key design aspects of the new house and make appropriate changes to the plan to make the house a better Vastu compliant abode. 


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# 8 ) Client had purchased a vacant land for home construction and sought our help to design a home for maximum Vastu compliance. VastuTruth consultant gave detailed guidelines on the structure design, room placements, and overall layout for the new home. Client used these guidelines to review several home builders, chose a design that came close to our recommended specifications, and customized it for higher Vastu compliance.




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Vastu Client Testimonials

"We tried to get the input from vaastu consultants from India and realized that people over there did not have much idea about the houses and floor plans in USA. We also consulted a few other vaastu consultants in USA but pleased with Dr. Kumar's response when called him for help on Vaastu evaluation."

"I'm glad we found you. Dr. Kumar from VastuTruth has an extensive knowledge in the science of vaastu. He helped us examine the lots, helped us choose the best floor plan among the options we liked. He also suggested the best lot fit of the floor plan, we had chosen. He also gave us a report on how to place furniture, what kinds of plants to plant and where to plant them. He also went above and beyond his way in guiding us making some financial decisions. He has been like a parent helping us and guiding us make our decisions. You will not go wrong if you choose to work with him."

"We are extremely happy about the services. More than the services we asked for, we were thrilled to learn a lot about the architectural and engineering aspects of vastu principles. Also VastuTruth really provided input on many aspects of the house buying and building - a true value addition. "

"Every penny worth spending, you must consult Dr. Kumar. Honestly, he will prove to be more helpful than your realtor."

"We wanted to be mentally satisfied and make sure the house we invested in has good vastu compliance. After suggestions from Dr. Kumar, we made changes as suggested and we noticed significant changes in our lifestyle, day to day routine and overall harmony. We would recommend Vastu Truth to have mental satisfaction, better health, and overall harmony." 

"Me & my husband while looking for a home availed Mr Kumar's vastu consulting services in order to decide whether a particular house was favorable for as as per vastu norms. We had to decide to make an offer on the house within a day & Mr. Kumar was kind enough to render his services in such short duration of notice. We were highly satisfied with the inputs he gave us about that house & will be certainly contacting him again during our House Hunting Process"


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