VastuTruth - Vaastu Consultant - Online - Onsite - USA
VastuTruth - Vaastu Consultant - Online - Onsite - USA
VastuTruth - Reliable Vastu Consulting in USA
VastuTruth - Reliable Vastu Consulting in USA

Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts

VastuTruth offers the following Vastu Consultant Services -onsite , online and over telephone - for existing properties and new developments - restaurants, franchisee offices, commercial properties, hotels, resorts, retirement homes, old-age communities etc..


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Customized Consultation Services

Call us for more detailed Vastu analysis and consultation of all types of guest service properties, hotels, cafes, restaurants, inns, motels, bed and breakfast, bnb, gas stations, and any type of business/shop/commercial establishments, larger properties, Vastu advice for remodeling projects.

Terms will be discussed at initial review.


Click here to get Vastu Consultation for hotels, restaurants, commercial properties .


New Guest Service Property - Construction Consulting Services

If you are building any type of  restaurants, franchisee offices, commerical properties, hotels, resorts from ground-up, do consult us before you choose a plot and finalize the plan. The right advice at the right time can save you tens of thousands in terms of future remedial measures and help you have a great start.


Click here for  Vastu Consulting for guest service properties, lodging, resorts, franchisee development, and related properties .

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Now accepting appointments for   March & April 2018

Vastu Client Testimonials

"We tried to get the input from vaastu consultants from India and realized that people over there did not have much idea about the houses and floor plans in USA. We also consulted a few other vaastu consultants in USA but pleased with Dr. Kumar's response when called him for help on Vaastu evaluation."

"I'm glad we found you. Dr. Kumar from VastuTruth has an extensive knowledge in the science of vaastu. He helped us examine the lots, helped us choose the best floor plan among the options we liked. He also suggested the best lot fit of the floor plan, we had chosen. He also gave us a report on how to place furniture, what kinds of plants to plant and where to plant them. He also went above and beyond his way in guiding us making some financial decisions. He has been like a parent helping us and guiding us make our decisions. You will not go wrong if you choose to work with him."

"We are extremely happy about the services. More than the services we asked for, we were thrilled to learn a lot about the architectural and engineering aspects of vastu principles. Also VastuTruth really provided input on many aspects of the house buying and building - a true value addition. "

"Every penny worth spending, you must consult Dr. Kumar. Honestly, he will prove to be more helpful than your realtor."

"We wanted to be mentally satisfied and make sure the house we invested in has good vastu compliance. After suggestions from Dr. Kumar, we made changes as suggested and we noticed significant changes in our lifestyle, day to day routine and overall harmony. We would recommend Vastu Truth to have mental satisfaction, better health, and overall harmony." 

"Me & my husband while looking for a home availed Mr Kumar's vastu consulting services in order to decide whether a particular house was favorable for as as per vastu norms. We had to decide to make an offer on the house within a day & Mr. Kumar was kind enough to render his services in such short duration of notice. We were highly satisfied with the inputs he gave us about that house & will be certainly contacting him again during our House Hunting Process"


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