The Innovative & Reliable Vasthu Shastra Experts in the USA - VastuTruth - Vaastu Consultants - Onsite, Online, Remote - USA
The Innovative & Reliable Vasthu Shastra Experts in the USA - VastuTruth - Vaastu Consultants - Onsite, Online, Remote - USA
VastuTruth - Reliable Vastu Consulting in USA
VastuTruth - Reliable Vastu Consulting in USA

Vastu for Homes and Apartments

VastuTruth provides Onsite and Online Vastu Consulting services all over USA, Canada, and of rest North America - for homes, apartments, townhomes, villas, estates, and other residential properties.


You can order onsite visit and remote consultation on this page.


Please contact us at  or  Tel# 469-666-1088


We have been helping a variety of clients in Vastu Consulting on existing properties and for selecting Vastu-compliant plots, houses, house plans for over 10 years.


Vastu Consultant expert services will do these as part of every assignment.  

    - Identify negative energies and placements that cause bad health, stress, and general discord including marital and financial issues.

    - Provide practical solutions, Vaastu advice, and tools that can help you correct the existing defects and restore the natural balance and tranquility of your living or working space.


We offer only scientific remedial measures to alleviate the Vastu non-compliant issues surrounding your property.

Prepayment required for vastu services and all fees are non-refundable.


VastuTruth offers the following consulting services - for existing residential properties and new developments.

1)  Onsite (local) visit

Online_Remote_Vastu_Consultant_USA_VastuTruth Online_Vastu_Consultant_USA

followed by detailed Vastu analysis, and customized review report.

  • Site visit, analysis, and review for a property will take from 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Customized report preparation (depending on complexity) from 2 to 5 hours.
  • Area calculations include air conditioned areas, basement, and garage.
  • Additional travel charges for driving distances over 30 minutes from 75024 ZIP Code
  • Followup billed in hourly increments at a special rate of $98 per hour.
  • Additional site visits will be charged at hourly rates or $125 per trip if prepaid.
  • All (email/phone) correspondences/communications are in 15 minute increments.


Residential area

Regular Rate

Prepay Rate

Upto 4500 sq.ft.

$ 425.00

$ 377.00

4500 to 6K sq.ft.

$ 475.00

$ 431.00

6K to 7500 sq.ft.

$ 550.00

$ 485.00

7500 to 9k sq.ft.

$ 665.00

$ 566.00

9k to 12k sq.ft.

$ 800.00

$ 710.00

12k to 15k sq.ft.

$ 950.00

$ 845.00


Special offer for clients agreeing to the following. Prepayment required at the time of booking. Onsite visit appointments based on availability. Cancellation charges of $50 per appointment will apply. Same day appointments will be treated as urgent and charged at full rate.


2)  New Home/Office Buyer Vastu Compliance Package

Office_Home_Office_Vastu_Compliance_VastuTruth Office_Home_Vastu_Compliance_USA


The most popular option for buyers to choose their next home or office!

  • Area calculations include air conditioned areas, basement, and garage.
  • For new properties
    • Work with buyer to choose a Vastu compliant plot and select and modify a plan to maximum compliance
    • Includes reviewing 3 to 5 plans from builder(s) in one sub-division or development,
    • Choose the best lot/plots, and modifying the chosen plan to maximum Vastu compliance.
  • For existing properties
    • Review up to 5 existing (built) houses.
    • Do Vastu Compliance analysis, and comparative discussions, before purchase decisions are made.
    • Package includes up to 2 local site visit trips (if paid in advance for extra trip).
  • Single visit to office/business upto 2000 sq.ft.
  • Additional tiered charges of $125/1000 sq.ft for homes OR $125/500 sq.ft. for offices.
  • Followup billed in hourly increments at a special rate of $98 per hour.
  • Additional site visits will be charged at hourly rates or $125 per trip if prepaid.
  • All (email/phone) correspondences/communications are in 15 minute increments.


It costs you a tiny fraction of the cost of your next property to avail of our services, to make the right choices in your most valuable investment of a lifetime.



Ask about Customized Vastu Designs for building New Homes in USA, with all your favorite specifications included. Call 469-666-1088 

We have scores of satisfied clients all over USA, who have used our services to buy / modify/ build their dream homes from reputed national builders like - Toll Brothers, K.Hovnanian, Pulte Homes, Lennar Homes, Darling Homes, CalAtlantic Homes, Standard Pacific Homes, Grand Homes, Plantation Homes, Ryland Homes, Meritage Homes, David Weekly Homes, D.R. Horton, LGI Homes, Edward Andrews Homes, Princeton Classic Homes, Niblock Homes, Dream Finders Homes, James Engle Custom Homes, Gehan Homes,  Drees Custom Homes, Shaddock Homes, First Texas Homes, Landon Homes, American Legend Homes, Highland Homes, Beazer Homes, Ashton Woods Homes, Dunhill Homes, Coventry Homes, Taylor Morrison Homes, KB Homes, Legacy Homes, Centex Homes, Village Homes, Bickimer Homes etc., and from many independent custom builders through out North America.

3) Telephone/Online Consultation for 1, 2, or 3 hours  

Online_Vastu_Consultant_USA_VastuTruth Online_Remote_Vastu_Consultation_USA


  • Limited time Special $170.00 only for the First hour and $278.00 for 2 hours.  
  • with customized Vastu review summary report. 
  • $150 per hour for 2 hours to 5 hours, with first hour charged at $175.00.
  • One hour for houses less than 4000 sq.ft. (including garage/basement) with proper layout/plan and on lot size of 8000 sq.ft. or less, else 2 hours or more.
  • Larger properties or detailed report will need a minimum of 2 to 3 hours.
  • includes review of plan(s), plot layout, and analysis remotely, in lieu of an onsite visit. 
  • 1 free followup by phone or email for 2 weeks.
  • Followup billed in hourly increments at a special rate of $98 per hour.


Consulting duration

Regular Rate

Prepay Special

1 hour

$ 175.00

$ 170.00

2 hours

$ 325.00

$ 278.00

3 hours

$ 475.00

$ 368.00

  •  Vastu Review for urgent decisions in hot housing markets - quick turnaround guaranteed, with your payment confirmation & email with complete property details.


  • We offer Online Video Conferences on 2 hour consultations and beyond.  
  • Skype ID - vastutruth
  • We can also use zoom, Webex,, or any other popular video conferencing methods for vastu consultant online chat sessions.
  • All (email/phone/video ) correspondences/communications are in 15 minute increments.
  • For non-residential properties, call 469-666-1088 to know the details.

4) Customized Vastu Consultation Services 

Customized_Vastu_Design_Plans_VastuTruth Custom_Vastu_Design_Consultation
  • For more detailed Vastu analysis and consultation of all properties.

  • For houses/business/shop/commercial establishments, all larger properties.
  • Working with home builders and property developers to build fully Vastu compliant communities.
  • Vastu advice for remodeling projects, including review of Star / Kundli / Horoscope / Raasi.

You have bought (or plan to buy) your dream property (or ranch or lake side acreage or plot) in the most desired location in North America. VastuTruth can help you from proper site analysis to design and construction phases and build the best Vastu Shaastra compliant home (custom Vastu home) on it.

  • Ask about Customized Vastu Designs for building New Homes in USA, with all your favorite specifications included.
  • Terms will be discussed at initial review.
  • Additional followup consultation services for this package are billed in hourly increments at a special rate of $98 per hour,  after first 5 hours.
  • We also work with realtor/real-estate professionals and builders to provide value-added consulting services to clients/buyers.
  • Call 469-666-1088 or email


If you are buying a new home/office/plot or building a home from ground-up, do consult us before you choose a plot and a house plan, from the builder. The right advice at the right time can save you tens of thousands in terms of future remedial measures, mental agony, and health issues.


VastuTruth has scores of satisfied clients who have consulted us before making their biggest investments in lives and reaped the benefits of timely Vaastu Shaastra advice.


It costs you a tiny fraction of the cost of a property to avail of our services, to make the right choices in your most valuable investment of lifetime.


Some people like Cul-de-sac properties when choosing a home. Consult us before making that decision, as very few of these properties have the correct orientation and energy levels for a harmonious life for the owner. This has been our experience from reviewing scores of properties across various neighborhoods in USA.


People have a misconception that South-facing properties are bad for the owner. This is incorrect, as the orientation of the plot, design of the house and property layout, and various other factor determine the Vastu compliance of the house. 


Let us check out  "Indian Vastu for American Homes", and verify everything to ensure Vaastu Shastra compliance for your property. 


We offer onsite and online/telephone Vastu Consulting services for clients in other parts of North America, besides USA and Canada.  Client will be responsible for making non-refundable deposit for consultations and pay in advance for all travel arrangements for our Vastu Consultant. In the event of cancellation of an appointment, deposit fees less cancellation fees will be applied to future Vastu consulting services.


On-site consultations available in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and neighboring areas, Austin, Houston, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and anywhere by appointment. Travel charges for driving distances over 30 minutes.  


Click here to get Vastu Online or Onsite / Remote Consultation  




If you are looking for Vaastu Compliant Homes, Offices, Apartments or want to learn more on Vastu tips for choosing a new apartment or house, call us at 469-666-1088. VastuTruth will guide you with what are the various points to keep in mind before buying a vastu compliant home and vastu faults or design issues that you should not ignore while buying a home or property. This will include - must follow basic Vastu tips for home or office, relevant Vaasthu tips to bring good luck to your home, and key tips to ensure Vaastu Shastra compliance in your home or office or business. People often ask us over phone and email - what should be the direction of your main door as per Vastu, what should I look for in East Facing House Plan, (West Facing House Plan, North Facing House Plan, South Facing House Plan), where can I get Vastu House Plans etc.? Any direction is good as long as the house is facing a cardinal direction and that the layout is correct. We will look at your house or individual situation and provide a scientific Vastu solution.




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VastuTruth has clients in many of the following cities and neighboring areas -

Agency, IA, Albertson, New York, Allenspark, CO, Artesia, California, Audubon, PA, Avenel, New Jersey, Bellerose Terrace, NY,Bellevue, WA,  Belmont, VA, Bergenfield, New Jersey, Biola, California, Bothell East, WA, Bradley Gardens, NJ, Brambleton, VA, Bridgewater, New Jersey, Burlington, Massachusetts, Burtonsville, Maryland, Camino Tassajara, CA, Carol Stream, Illinois, Carteret, New Jersey, Caruthers, California,
Cerritos, California, Clarksburg, MD, Clarksville, Maryland, Congers, New York, Cordaville, MA, Cranbury, New Jersey, Cupertino, California, Dayton, New Jersey, Des Plaines, Illinois, Dulles Town Center, VA, East Brunswick, New Jersey, Echelon, NJ, Edison, New Jersey,
Elmhurst, New York, Elmont, New York, Elmwood Park, New Jersey, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, Exton, PA, Farmington, Michigan, Floral Park, New York, Floris, VA, Flushing, New York, Fords, New Jersey, Forest Home, NY, Four Corners, TX, Franklin Park, New Jersey,
Fremont, California, Garden City Park, NY, Glen Oaks, New York, Glendale Heights, Illinois, Grundy, VA, Guilderland, New York, Hatfield, Pennsylvania, Heathcote, NJ, Helen, Georgia, Herndon, Virginia, Herricks, NY, Hicksville, NY, Highland Park, New Jersey,
Hoffman Estates, Illinois, Hollis, New York,  Hurstbourne Acres, KY, Indian Creek, IL, Innsbrook, VA, Inverness, CO, Iselin, New Jersey, Jackson Heights, New York, Jamaica, New York,  Jersey City, New Jersey, Keasbey, New Jersey, Kendall Park, New Jersey,
Kerman, California, Kew Gardens, New York, King of Prussia, PA, Kingsgate, WA, Lincolnwood, Illinois, Live Oak, California, Livingston, California, Lodi, New Jersey, Loudoun Valley Estates, VA, Madison Park, NJ, Manhasset Hills, NY, McNair, VA, Menands, NY, Meridian, CO, Merrifield, VA, Merritt Park, NY, Middlebush, NJ, Millbourne, PA, Milpitas, California, Mississippi Valley, MS, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, Montgomery Village, Maryland, Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, Morganville, New Jersey, Morrisville, NC, Morton Grove, Illinois, Mount Hamilton, California, Mount Prospect, Illinois, Muttontown, NY, New Hyde Park, New York, New Territory, TX, Niles, Illinois,
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Vastu Client Testimonials


"We are in the process of constructing a custom home and wanted to ensure that our home followed vastu principles as much as possible. Given my very limited knowledge of vastu at that time, I initially thought we would just be able to look on the internet and figure out for ourselves how to make our house vastu compliant (or at most, get some help from our parents back in India). However, the more research I did, the more I understood that vastu was a complex process that a layman (such as myself) could not begin to accurately understand by reading articles on the internet. I did not even know that there was such a thing as a vastu consultant and definitely not in Dallas. However, I was told by a friend that there were vastu consultants in Dallas and we found Dr. Kumar through an internet search. He has a well laid out website which contains a lot of information including packages that he offers for customers. Dr. Kumar was very responsive to my phone calls and explained in great detail his methodologies and what was (and was not) covered in each of his packages. While working with Dr. Kumar, we found that he often went above and beyond in order to help us with any questions we had. Dr. Kumar helped us with plot selection, review of several iterations of the floorplan with redlining to show how the floor plan could be made vastu compliant, and suggestions for furniture placement to improve vastu compliance. We also emailed Dr. Kumar with questions that we had and changes we wanted to implement to the floorplan and he was always very responsive to our questions. I would, without reservation, recommend Dr. Kumar to anyone who is looking to construct a vastu compliant home (or even someone looking for recommendations on how to make an existing home vastu compliant). Thank you Dr. Kumar, for all of your help!"

"We tried to get the input from vaastu consultants from India and realized that people over there did not have much idea about the houses and floor plans in USA. We also consulted a few other vaastu consultants in USA but pleased with Dr. Kumar's response when called him for help on Vaastu evaluation."

"I'm glad we found you. Dr. Kumar from VastuTruth has an extensive knowledge in the science of vaastu. He helped us examine the lots, helped us choose the best floor plan among the options we liked. He also suggested the best lot fit of the floor plan, we had chosen. He also gave us a report on how to place furniture, what kinds of plants to plant and where to plant them. He also went above and beyond his way in guiding us making some financial decisions. He has been like a parent helping us and guiding us make our decisions. You will not go wrong if you choose to work with him."

"We are extremely happy about the services. More than the services we asked for, we were thrilled to learn a lot about the architectural and engineering aspects of vastu principles. Also VastuTruth really provided input on many aspects of the house buying and building - a true value addition. "

"Every penny worth spending, you must consult Dr. Kumar. Honestly, he will prove to be more helpful than your realtor."

"We wanted to be mentally satisfied and make sure the house we invested in has good vastu compliance. After suggestions from Dr. Kumar, we made changes as suggested and we noticed significant changes in our lifestyle, day to day routine and overall harmony. We would recommend Vastu Truth to have mental satisfaction, better health, and overall harmony." 

"Me & my husband while looking for a home availed Mr Kumar's vastu consulting services in order to decide whether a particular house was favorable for as as per vastu norms. We had to decide to make an offer on the house within a day & Mr. Kumar was kind enough to render his services in such short duration of notice. We were highly satisfied with the inputs he gave us about that house & will be certainly contacting him again during our House Hunting Process"


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