The Innovative & Reliable Vasthu Shastra Experts in the USA - VastuTruth - Vaastu Consultants - Onsite, Online, Remote - USA
The Innovative & Reliable Vasthu Shastra Experts in the USA - VastuTruth - Vaastu Consultants - Onsite, Online, Remote - USA
VastuTruth - Reliable Vastu Consulting in USA
VastuTruth - Reliable Vastu Consulting in USA

What is Vastu?

Vastu is an Indian traditional science of space design to promote harmony with natural forces, similar to Feng Shui of Chinese origin. The term Vastu means dwelling.  Vastu (aka Vaastu,  Vasthu, Vaasthu Shastra, Indian Vastu Shastra) is an architectural science to create maximum harmony inside the built-in environment for health, mental satisfaction, and successful relationships. Vastu is the world’s oldest system of architecture, which has survived the test of time and is still in practice.

Vastu is a unique process of balancing the five elements in your home, business, or office. The five elements are earth (prithvi), water (jal), fire (agni), air (vaayu), and space. Each of these five elements is associated with a direction and each direction has a positive or negative influence on us. As living beings on this earth, we are also influenced by electromagnetic and stellar energies. Vastu science reviews all these influences along with the design and layout measurements, space arrangement, spatial geometry, and other aspects of architecture, and strives to recommend the best environment around us.

In our lives, we all crave for health, happiness, and harmony. VastuTruth combines the Vastu sciences and energy balances and offer recommendations to help you attain all of these within your building walls.

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Vastu Consultant in USA


VastuTruth provides Vastu Consultant USA services to bring out the best Vastu elements for residential buildings, commercial properties, and new development planning/design and construction.


VastuTruth provides onsite and online Vastu Shastra Consulting services. VastuTruth is located in Dallas, Texas, USA. 


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We offer scientific remedial measures to alleviate the Vastu non-compliant issues surrounding your property. We provide written summary and/or detailed customized report for each client, based on the project *.



Due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines, VastuTruth will provide "Free Virtual Site-Visit through Video/Web Conferencing" to all clients that require site visits or 2+hour remote consultations. This offer is valid till the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak situation is fully contained and travel restrictions are eased.


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VastuTruth provides Vaastu expert consulting in USA and Canada for residential, business, offices, and other properties - locally in Dallas and Fort Worth (DFW metroplex), Texas and on-site and online / remotely throughout North America.


For online Vastu Shastra Consultancy services, VastuTruth will provide the vastu consultation recommendations, remedies, and detailed report through email. We also offer Online Video Conferences


We strive to guide clients to create Vastu-Compliant spaces in their home /business/offices using architectural models, based on the Vastu Shastra and geographical features. 



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Vastu Compliance Review

for urgent decisions in hot housing markets !

Quick turnaround guaranteed for you to make the right decision.

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Also offering - Video Conferencing, Vastu Educational Seminars!


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Custom Vastu Home Designs & more


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  • Successful Vastu Compliance design review of over 3500 + homes in USA and Canada.
  • Largest Vastu Custom home designed by VastuTruth is for a family of 11 members including 7 children !
  • Vastu Consultation and analysis of a $12 million, 16,000 sq.ft. residence with an indoor swimming pool and mini theater, in North East USA.

  • Vastu Consultation for  a 15,000+ square feet home with an indoor swimming pool, in Western USA.
  • Vastu design for 5 storey home with basement in a very narrow plot.
  • Custom Vastu home design for a 7600+sq.ft. three-story house in USA.
  • Vastu layout /design consultation for site development of multiple properties upto 110 acres.
  • Vastu Consultation for $3.5+ million home on the west coast and several homes from $1.5 million to $3 million range.
  • Over 42% of our clients choose the New Home Vastu Compliant Package.
  • Vastu Consultation for a client's $4+million condo in a 60+story full service luxury residence in a Northern State of USA.

  • Vastu consultation for site layout and design of a 54,000 sq.ft office building.

  • Office building selection and interior layout design of 19,500 sq.ft. for a media company.

  • Complete office design for a 10,000 square feet space for a digital customer experience company.

  • Office design of 10,000+ sq.ft. for a business conglomerate owning 100+ restaurants, hotels, and real estate investments.

  • Vastu review of new office space for an innovative healthcare company.

  • Vastu Consultant in USA for a 14 story office building.





VastuTruth - Reliable Vastu Consultant USA - provides Onsite Consulting in DFW metroplex and following surrounding areas by appointment only. (Vastu consultant near me in Dallas, Irving, Coppell, Valley Ranch, Garland, Grapevine, Southlake, Arlington, Euless, Fort Worth, Frisco, The Colony, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Castle Hills, Allen, McKinney, Plano, Prosper, Mesquite, Sunnyvale, Rockwall, Wylie, Sachse, Corinth, Highland Village, Flower Mound, Little Elm, Parker, Colleyville, University Park, Murphy, Euless, Anna, Greenville, Farmersville, Melisa, North Richland Hills, Grand Prairie, Denton etc.)  Vastu Consultant for Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts,  Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota,Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming


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Vastu Client Testimonials

"Dr. Kumar is one of the best for Vastu for the home. He was easy to contact, very reasonable, and helped us a lot with the new house we are building.  We highly recommend Dr. Kumar for your new home or office! Thank you so much for all your services. We appreciate your work and time given to us."
"I was in the process of buying house and my major concern  was - will my house and the lot I picked is Vaastu compliant? And piece of advice to you all - GOOGLE is not a Vastu Expert. 
   And I found Dr. Kumar, I emailed him same evening, and he emailed and called me back next day, wow the other consultants who put big TV commercials don’t even care to contact or call you. I don’t want to name any one. Well the lot I picked as per Dr. Kumar was not good Vastu lot and the points he explained to me was knowledgeable. Before what I was thinking of doing as Vastu advice on google, it was complete wrong or it was other way around. I am glad I contacted Dr. Kumar, other wise my new house would have been completely against Vastu.
I will recommend every one to consult Dr. Kumar for your Vastu needs. As long as I am living in this world I will contact him every time for my Vastu consultation in future and I will definitely recommend him to every one. - Client, April 2020"


"Every penny worth spending, you must consult Dr. Kumar. Honestly, he will prove to be more helpful than your realtor."

"Dr. Kumar not ony provides Vastu services, he also educated us on the ins and out of entire home buying process. He has special knack of conveying his point with out hurting your emotions especially when you are in love with the house and not thinking straight. It is safe to say that he saved us over $50,000 by cleverly telling us to wait and to walk away from bad deals. He goes above and beyond, he even checks distance from closest electricity pole, he tries to measure the watts that is carried by near by power line. He is still helping us in selecting furnitures, placing furnitures, sharing his knowledge on mortgage and insurance. We had a realtor but we realized very quickly we were on our own and thank God we had Dr. Kumar who was there to guide us. There were times when we were desparate, there were times when we were frustrated, there were times we were down. Dr Kumar was with us in each and every step of the way to keep us sane, positive and kept us on right track."

"We started looking into Vastu specialist after we bought a lot, which is slightly imperfect as our parents looked at it.  By then we already started on blue print also.  Fortunately, able to find Dr. Kumar through Internet search.  Excellent choice as he researched the lot and advised on blue prints and corrections and remedies are very appreciative. Very attentive to details and responds immediately for call or e-mail. We are vey pleased with his advice and recommendations. Also advised on placement of furniture in the house.  We are looking forward to move into our new house in few months, will contact Dr. Kumar without any hesitation, for further guidance.  Dr. Kumar has the knowledge of Vastu to apply here in USA, as each builder is different here. We recommend Dr. Kumar to everyone who is building or buying a house, without any hesitation.  Dr. Kumar is very knowledgeable, reasonable, attentive and responds immediately to our questions.  Thank you, Dr. Kumar. " 

"We tried to get the input from vaastu consultants from India and realized that people over there did not have much idea about the houses and floor plans in USA. We also consulted a few other vaastu consultants in USA but pleased with Dr. Kumar's response when called him for help on Vaastu evaluation."

"Dr. Kumar, Your knowledge and telling what is right, not to please client, is a very rare trait in today’s world. We appreciate that."
"Before I availed of VastuTruth services, I was worried if the consultant would have in-depth knowledge of Vastu plus adapt it to local (US) home construction practices. I was surprised by the prompt responses, use of tools - web chat, drawing tools, and patience to listen to my concerns.I would say VastuTruth offers the best expert and best service, you can get in USA."


"We are in the process of constructing a custom home and wanted to ensure that our home followed vastu principles as much as possible. Given my very limited knowledge of vastu at that time, I initially thought we would just be able to look on the internet and figure out for ourselves how to make our house vastu compliant (or at most, get some help from our parents back in India). However, the more research I did, the more I understood that vastu was a complex process that a layman (such as myself) could not begin to accurately understand by reading articles on the internet. I did not even know that there was such a thing as a vastu consultant and definitely not in Dallas. However, I was told by a friend that there were vastu consultants in Dallas and we found Dr. Kumar through an internet search. He has a well laid out website which contains a lot of information including packages that he offers for customers. Dr. Kumar was very responsive to my phone calls and explained in great detail his methodologies and what was (and was not) covered in each of his packages. While working with Dr. Kumar, we found that he often went above and beyond in order to help us with any questions we had. Dr. Kumar helped us with plot selection, review of several iterations of the floorplan with redlining to show how the floor plan could be made vastu compliant, and suggestions for furniture placement to improve vastu compliance. We also emailed Dr. Kumar with questions that we had and changes we wanted to implement to the floorplan and he was always very responsive to our questions. I would, without reservation, recommend Dr. Kumar to anyone who is looking to construct a vastu compliant home (or even someone looking for recommendations on how to make an existing home vastu compliant). Thank you Dr. Kumar, for all of your help!"

"I'm glad we found you. Dr. Kumar from VastuTruth has an extensive knowledge in the science of vaastu. He helped us examine the lots, helped us choose the best floor plan among the options we liked. He also suggested the best lot fit of the floor plan, we had chosen. He also gave us a report on how to place furniture, what kinds of plants to plant and where to plant them. He also went above and beyond his way in guiding us making some financial decisions. He has been like a parent helping us and guiding us make our decisions. You will not go wrong if you choose to work with him."


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